Bear Steps, Shrewsbury

This is one of a number of drawings of Shrewsbury buildings that my uncle, Eddie Parker, gave to my mother many years ago, and which she passed on to me. This one, looking down Fish Street, shows the Bear Steps with the spire of St. Alkmund’s church and the tower of St. Julian’s.

bearsteps lite 3

It’s not a view that looks very different today as this fairly indifferent photograph from December 2007 indicates (I haven’t adjusted for levels, contrast, parallax etc. – I’m not trying for a prizewinner on this occasion!)

bear steps

David Harley
Small Blue-Green World

2 thoughts on “Bear Steps, Shrewsbury

  1. John R.M.Bumford

    David I feel we must be related in some way Eve has shown me this that uncle Eddy had done and I think he would of made a living as an Artist it is very well done I like it

    1. David Harley Post author

      Hi, John. I don’t recognize your surname (except from the Shrewsbury group, of course), but I see from Facebook that Eve is your cousin as well as mine. 🙂 I guess you’re related via the Gardiner side? I’m going to see my mother (his youngest sister) today, so I’ll see if she can tell me more. I have scanned copies of a few more of his drawings, which I plan to put on this blog. Mum has his watercolour of the English Bridge somewhere, I seem to remember. She used to have more of his drawings, but she gave them away when she moved to a smaller house.


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