Shropshire Blue and other cheeses

On the ‘About’ page of this blog, it says:

This is not a blog about cheese, even though I’m partial to it.

Still, following a discussion on the Facebook Memories of Shropshire page about Shropshire Blue and Ludlow Blue cheeses, I couldn’t resist commenting (slightly edited with the addition of a couple of links):

Ludlow Blue is actually made at Ludlow Food Centre. Shropshire Blue’s origins are in Inverness, but some is now actually made near Oswestry by the Shropshire Cheese Company. As far as I know, the main difference between the two is that Ludlow Blue uses carotene rather than annatto for colouring.

Paul Meakin expanded on that commentary and has kindly allowed me to quote him here.

Shropshire Blue was originally ‘Blue Stuart‘ from Castle Stuart Dairies, Inverness. It was resurrected briefly in Cheshire but it took off when it began to be manufactured by Long Clawson Dairies, Leics, and two other major Stilton producers in Notts […]The Eyres Family (Shropshire Cheese Company) at Abertanat took up production in Shropshire and Belton Cheese, at Whitchurch now make it too, as do Ludlow Food Centre […]

If that weren’t good enough for a lover of blue cheeses, the Moydens at Wistanswick […] are now making TWO local blue cheeses: Ironbridge Blue and Wrekin Blue. Try them if you haven’t already…wonderful. And that is not to mention the other fantastic cheeses made in and around the County!

Thanks for that, Paul. I think there might be a little more cheese-tasting in my future. 😉

David Harley


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