If you want to know more about the author of this blog, feel free to go to the ABOUT ME page. This page is more concerned with the content of the blog.

This is not a blog about cheese, even though I’m partial to it. (Actually, I prefer Herefordshire Hop to Shropshire Blue, but am lucky enough to live very near to an excellent cheese shop that covers a wide range of local cheeses.) Nor, indeed, is it about playing the blues in Shropshire, even though I live in Shropshire and sometimes play (and even write) very blues-influenced music.


Rather, it’s about living (or having lived) in Shropshire (and thereabouts), rather than living on the Internet. (Which is where most of my acquaintances probably think I live, due to my obsessional authoring on topics related to computer security.) So cheese and music might well flit across these pages from time to time. But so might practically anything. So why Shropshire Blues? I suppose because it kind of fits in with Small Blue-Green World, which apart from being a steal from the late and much-missed Douglas Adams, is me wearing my business hat.

The photograph here is the Shoemakers Arbour, nowadays to be found in the Dingle, in Shrewsbury. More about that later. The photograph that I’m currently using as a header picture shows the Severn from the garden of the Riverside Inn, Cressage.

David Harley
Small Blue-Green World
ESET Senior Research Fellow


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