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Mitchell’s Fold

We were hit by a snow flurry hard enough to make it virtually impossible to get outstanding photos of the stone circle itself – at any rate with my little compact – but the light was pretty dramatic and a little Photoshopping has improved some of the close-in shots.

The circle is over 3,000 years old and the stones are dolerite from Stapeley hill. Continue reading


White Grit Engine Shaft

This is the White (or West Grit) Engine Shaft near White Grit(t), a village on the border between Shropshire and Powys. The village gets its name from the lead mine operated there and at the East Grit (a.k.a. Old Grit) shaft by the Whitegritt Mining Company. The West Grit shaft is located near Bishops Castle, in a field at the junction of the A488 and the road to Priest Weston (which leads to the village and to the stone circle at Mitchell’s Fold.

engine house 2

The A488 runs between the Engine Shaft and the hill with the copse at the top.

engine house

The shaft itself is completely blocked, and the tips have long since been removed for road building.

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Ludlow sunset

A couple of sunset shots taken in Ludlow. (The reference to Keswick is explained by the previous article on that blog, which shows some sunset views of Derwent Water.)

David Harley
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Taken this evening. Sorry, we don’t have a lake in Ludlow like the one in Keswick.

Taken from the side of the castle that overlooks the Teme facing across to Whitcliff, but in this instance I turned almost due West for obvious reasons. I really like the natural frame provided by the leaves, though it’s probably a gambit I use too often.

ludlow sunset

And here’s Mortimer’s Tower, on the same side of the castle, catching the last of the sun.

Mortimer's Tower

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Up the creche without a puddle

Spotted outside The Bridge in Ludlow. However, Jude didn’t take the hint and insisted on walking me home via The Linney. Admittedly, there aren’t many shops open in Ludlow on a Sunday evening. On the other hand, the last stretch via the castle was rather pollen-rich for my tastes on a warm, dry summer’s evening.



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On the surface, it’s very deep…

…but deep down it’s shallow.

On a Sunday afternoon wander around Carding Mill Valley, Church Stretton, my wife was a little taken aback to see the sign pictured here at the Top Car Park.

carding mill valley

The stream that runs by the other side of the car park is definitely not that deep, and the New Pool Hollow track that runs up to the reservoir is definitely rather steeper than that.

However, having spent the first 19 years of my life in Shrewsbury and having visited the Strettons many times during that period, I had a sudden Proust moment and remembered that where the car park is there used to be a swimming pool. And a little research confirmed that the site of the car park was indeed a former millpond and swimming pool. It was filled in at some point during the 1960s.

Here’s a view of the car park from the Pool Hollow Track, with a bit of Bodbury Hill immediately behind and Haddon Hill further back. Well, some car parks are quite photogenic. 🙂

top car park2

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