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Shrewsbury’s new(-ish) folk club

[Sadly, though I enjoyed some excellent evenings at the Lion and subsequently at the Buck’s Head, to which the new club moved in 2014, it didn’t attract enough people to keep it going.]

Sometime around 1967, I received a pep talk from one of my teachers – or masters, as they were referred to in my public-school-wannabe grammar school – about spending too much time on the guitar, and specifically on Tuesday evenings at Shrewsbury folk club, and not enough on my A-levels. (Yes, I did get good enough grades in the end to get to university!) And I did indeed spend a lot of time at the Boathouse – and later at the Station Hotel, fairly briefly IIRC, and then the Castle, during the late 60s and early 70s. By the time I returned to the area to live for a few years in the early noughties, there didn’t seem to be a regular club evening any more, though I gather it was at the 7 Stars for a while. However, that generation of Salop folkies can be found from time to time at the Loggerheads sessions and other pubs in the area.

Fast forward to last week. Having an hour to kill between buses in Shrewsbury, I went for a browse in the Music Bros. music shop and on the way out picked up a flyer announcing ‘Shrewsbury’s  NEW folk and acoustic music club’. In fact, the launch event took place back in September 2013, but the club meets every Wednesday at the Lion Hotel, Wyle Cop, Shrewsbury SY1 1UY in the Adam Ballroom. It runs from 8.30-11pm. More information on the club’s Facebook Page and in an article on the launch and the organizers here.

And yesterday, I went over to take a look for myself. The Lion Hotel has along and interesting history in its own right, and the Adam Ballroom has exceptionally good acoustic properties. The evening included excellent feature sets from  the Bailey Sisters and EnChante, but the standard of the other performances was also notably high. I certainly intend to go back sooner rather than later…

David Harley 
Small Blue-Green World
ESET Senior Research Fellow 


Thomas Anderson

[Also on the David Harley’s Songs page, though I’ve slightly altered the text here.]

Words & Music by David Harley, 1975. All rights reserved.

Thomas Anderson MP3: This is a home-recorded demo version that’s actually in better shape than the CentreSound  version. I definitely intend to come back and do it a full studio-quality version at some point. 

The song is based on an article – now available here: Black Velvet (article from Shrewsbury folk club magazine, 1973) – for the Shrewsbury Folk Club magazine, written in the 1960s by Ron Nurse. I believe his source material was in the Shrewsbury Chronicle archives. Sadly, I hear that Ron recently passed on, but I was at least able to sing the song in his presence, tell the story, and shake his hand at a Shrewsbury Folk Club reunion last year (2012).

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